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KLEINE BELA camping resort is one of the newcomers on the block. We had the privilege of camping at Kleine Bela during the Easter Long Weekend to see what new developments have taken place.

Call Koos on 083 651 0558
Also find Kleine Bela on Facebook!

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Koos 0836510558

If you need a break from city life then there is a little gem called Kleine Bela!

This boutique resort has everything to offer and is situated just outside Bela Bela.

Feast your eyes pictures took during our recent visit.

Kleine Bela is a paradise for both old and very young.  This farm has a great light and cozy feeling to it.  Just arrive, set up camp and enjoy the atmosphere of this lovely resort.
Kleine Bela offers immaculate facilities.  Many of the buildings are brand new where some have a real rustic feel to it.

Koos 0836510558
Kleine Bela not only caters for die-hard campers but also offers accommodation in the form of chalets suitable for families as well as groups.

Call Koos now for bookings.
Koos 0836510558
Thabaledi Game Lodge
Go and enjoy a relaxing getaway under the stars at Thabaledi Game Lodge!

Cindy-lee Stoltz
+27 (0) 84 754 7137

Fransua Stoltz
+27 (0) 71 043 5255


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Click on the image above to visit the Thabaledi Game Lodge website
 * Cindy-Lee Stoltz: +27 (0) 84 754 7137 *


Thabaledi, which means Mountain of Stars, is a tranquil Game Lodge in Twane, North West. Come and enjoy the angelical views and relaxing ambience where you can easily find yourself around a toasty fire or in the refreshing swimming pool.



All the campsites, chalets and bush camps are hidden for privacy and have their own private ablutions(with hot water) and braai facilities.

Washing facilities and caravan plugs are included as well as cellular signal in some areas around the lodge.

Enjoy the beautiful views from your beautifully decorated chalet!

A microwave, stove and basin is provided in the kitchen of your chalet.

The bedrooms are styled so you can feel at home away from home in the African bushveld.

A living room is also provided for your comforting needs.

The bathroom facility is beautifully clean and fresh.



 * Cindy-Lee Stoltz: +27 (0) 84 754 7137 *


Entertainment at Thabaledi include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Kiddies play areas - with trampolines and jungle gyms
  • Games room - darts, pool table, table tennis and more
  • A bar with a big screen for the sport enthusiasts!
  • A lounge
  • Day and night game drives - R150pp
  • Bird watching
  • Bow-hunting
  • Nature Walk Trails




Nature at Thabaledi Game Lodge is definitely one for the books!

The animals are majestic and will make you love African nature even more!

Who knows? Maybe you'll have a few visitors at your front door (or your front zip)  









With Thabaledi Game Lodge being a self catering establishment, there is a kiosk fully stocked with all the extras you might have forgotten at home. This includes ice and wood!

For those who spent the whole day in the sun and aren't in the mood to light and wait for the fire, there is a beautiful restaurant.



Make sure you enjoy your morning coffee with the beautiful sunrises! Start your eventful day with an amazing sunrise!

After a long day of activities and the grown ups want to sit and relax, there are amazing views where you can do just that and sip your sundowners.


For companies who want to plan a business event, a conference room is available with hors d'oeuvres included.



Click on the map for directions!



Click on the reservation book to book today!
* Cindy-Lee Stoltz: +27 (0) 84 754 7137 *

By: Inge Stols
Thabaledi Game Lodge
Tamboti Vreugde
Tamboti Vreugde
Tamboti Vreugde is nestled in the heart of the Dinokeng Nature Reserve and offers a true tranquil bushveld experience.

Call Eddie on 082-458-4503

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Tamboti Vreugde is nestled in the heart of the Dinokeng Wildlife Reserve and offers all campers an amazing pure bushveld experience.

Sunsets and sunrises are spectacular.  It has a tranquil atmosphere and loud music is prohibited.

There is no candy floss or super tubes so kids who like to share time with Nature will enjoy this resort tremendously. 
All basic necessities are available such as lovely clean ablution facilities and wash-up areas.

Every stand has a water point and electricity.  There are several splash pools on the property as well as a 
hot-water swimming-pool however, we thoroughly enjoyed the coolness of the other pools.



The birdlife is abundant.  Roaming antelope is often visible from the campsite and one goes to sleep with the sound of howling jackals and can wake up with the roar of lions!

Owner of the farm, Eddie, welcomes everyone with open arms and farm managers Sandra and Frans are always available with a friendly smile and help when needed.
Enough wood and ice are available from the tuck shop in addition to snacks after a long day of a self-drive game viewing trip followed by cool relaxation in the pool.


Dinokeng boasts the Big 5 and a wide variety of wildlife is on your doorstep.  The animals are not skittish so you can have an up-close and personal experience during self-drive game viewing in the reserve.


Tamboti Vreugde:
Eddie 082 458 4503
Wonderland 45
Wonderland 45 is a paradise for fishing with the family.

Situated just East From Pretoria in Boschkop it offers easy traveling to either go for a camping and fishing trip or just a day trip of fishing!

Felicity or Henk Janse van Rensburg

Mobile no: 0818785891

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Felicity or Henk Janse van Rensburg

Fishing and Camping extravaganza!

Mobile no: 0818785891
Book online:

Tariffs - click here to see tariffs:  


Wonderland 45 not only has cell reception but card facilities for you to pay right there and then!  There is a kiosk where you can buy wood and ice amongst others.



There are 20 camping stands each with electricity point and water.

There are also enough washing up points for your convenience.

Each campsite has a built-in braai and there are also built-in braais around the dam for day visitors.

Ablution facilities offer hot water showers, toilets and bath.

Camping during winter time is actually quite popular here so even then give Felicity a call to book your stand.

Felicity:  0818785891


Wonderland 45 is very popular so should you wish to camp, please call Felicity to find out if one of their 20 camping stands is still available.

Day visitors can pop in anytime.

What about kids?  Believe me, there are enough activities for your children to keep them busy forever!

No extra fees are applicable to any of the activities.  The fishing is catch and release but should you wish to buy what you catch it sells at R79.00 per kilo.





Kids entertainment continued...





What about the fishing then??  Here we GO!
Fishing for the whole family.


Trout fly fishing, catch and release and all other ways of catching Trout ata cost of R79.00/Kg. If you are not into Trout fishing, you can catch Carp, Bass, Tilapia and Baber.




Felicity:  0818785891



Felicity:  0818785891
Wonderland 45
Shonalanga - Limpopo Province
Shonalanga - Limpopo Province

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SHONALANGA RESORT  is the perfect bushveld getaway destination -
even for camping in winter.  Discover this extraordinary wildlife  and
nature experience with us!

About a year ago, during the Soccer World Cup, Shonalanga hosted
the Orange Campers for a number of days.  It was the first group of
campers to sample the “new” Shonalanga and an important test run
for management of the resort.  We were privileged to be part of the
event - an experience that will stay with us for years to come....



The efficiency and professionalism with which the staff handled
the enormous crowd of experienced European camping folk is
commendable.  A year later we simply had to visit Shonalanga



Some background stuff:


Shonalanga, which means "where the sun sets", is situated just
outside Phalaborwa and only a few kilometers away from the
Kruger National Park. It is not a new resort; it has been in existence
for many years and belongs to the Foscor mine until the Government
of Limpopo took over the running thereof and is now one of their
“Limpopo Wildlife Resorts”.

Slowly the resort is being restored to its former glory and noticeably
developing its own character; a place where one can escape to,
especially in winter, to do some recharging of the old batteries.  



Getting there:

Our everyday lives are all about racing and chasing, so when we
hit the road, only one thing matters – getting there as soon as possible.
Not all of us take time to enjoy the scenery or even stop to do some
sightseeing.  Roadside shopping is restricted to a quick stop to stock
up on avo’s and oranges.  Curio shopping is for foreigners only. Unless
you sucessfully convince them of your South African citizenship and
that you don't own any Euro's.  We dared breaking the mould and added
two hours to our travel time for some en routeR&R. It goes without saying
that it is not advisable to pull over in the middle of nowhere.



Departing from Jo’burg we travelled to Phalaborwa via Lydenburg.
The roads are treacherous in places; full of potholes and carry a lot of truck traffic. It is however a beautiful part of our country. A great stop is Jock’s Farm stalls. This little shopping centre offers great Java and some very interesting things to buy. There is also a good old fashioned butchery where one can buy meat for the holiday and the best biltong ever. Going back, we decided to go via Polokwane because the road is in much better condition.


What we went with:

Without going into lengthy detail, the advantages of renting a motorhome
for an outing like this are plentiful. I am jotting down only a few,
particularly relevant to our needs; I am a girl not too skilled in towing yet,
never mind reversing while towing.  To me it's like trying to ride a Goofy-Bike. I am, however, still trainable, and have placed "learnig how to reverse a 10 ton something hooked on a towbar succesfully into a matchbox" on my bucket list.

Three girls on the move mean three times the reason to have a shower
and toilet on board. 




Plenty of packing space, indoor gas hob, fridge/freezer, cutlery, crockery,
linen, shower and toilet.  The Maui Spirit-Delux motorhome offers two floor 
level double beds and anotherbed atop the driver’s cabin. Before departure, a full lowdown on what’s what and how it works from the friendly guys at Maui. Hey, even a girl can be impressed by engine performance; with what I packed for the trip, the mountain passes posed no problem. 

The Merc Sprinter performed masterfully and is surprisingly light on Diesel.




Don’t let first impressions intimidate you. It is probably bigger than
anything you have driven. Stress not – soon you’ll have the hang of it and
the motorhome is surprisingly easy to handle. I found that the most difficult
part was to gauge the height of the motorhome. Be careful when choosing
a camping spot under a tree, and don’t even attempt the red shaded
parking at any Total filling station.


What to expect:

Should you wish to buy last minute stuff, there is a Spar in Phalaborwa. 
The road between Phalaborwa and Shonalanga is not tarred and a bit rough
at places, so it is at this stage not suitable for a typical on-road caravan. 
Whatever you have to travel in and camp with will be subjected to some
rattling and shaking. It is nature as it comes. Wonderful!

There are ablution facilities available at the resort that offers hot showers and have recently been renovated. Plans are in the pipeline to build more facilities.

There is a good sized swimming pool and a good old fashioned playground for kids with slides and swings.


What is great about the resort?

There are enough stands under beautiful, lush trees to choose from. 
Grass is being planted again so not all stands offer grass yet. It should however not bother campers who are used to go bundu camping.

Besides the hospitality of the people, the most important reason to go to Shonalanga is the sheer beauty of the surroundings. Seriously, how many places offer stands on (and I mean on) the banks of the Olifants river? 

The petting of hippos and swimming in the river are not recommended nor permitted, but having coffee and rusks early in the morning with the hippos right in front of you, in the water (the hippos are in the water – not you) is simply priceless.

You can photograph them from your camp “stoep” until the SD card is full. 
You can stare at them and enjoy their antics until your eyes glaze over.



Should you feel like taking a break from the hippos, move onto the crocs,
lazing in the sun, ight there.  For birding enthusiasts, there hundreds of different
species that could keep you busy for a while.

The property on the other side of the river is a private game reserve which means
you don’t have to go on a game drive to see Giraffe, Kudu, small antelope and
elephant.  However, Shonalanga has its very own big 5 roaming at the resort -
there are no boundary fencing between the Kruger National Park and Klaserie. 


Camping in winter should not be painful, so taking a break at this resort during the July school holidays offers crisp mornings, t-shirt only days and hoody evenings around the campfire. Look out for upcoming articles that will cover winter camping tips.

During our stay, we had a visit from January Makamu, the General Manager
of Shonalanga. January has many years’ experience in managing game reserves, and never will one find a more interesting storyteller. 

One precious story is about Shonalanga’s pride and joy – the hippos.  If you thought hippos rapidly swooshing their tails, spreading dung to mark their territory, you could be wrong, actually.......?

January tells us:

"It is said that when God made the hippo, the hippo insisted on living in the
river to cool his huge body. 

However, God was not too happy to allow it as the hippo has an enormous
mouth, sharp teeth and an appetite that rivals any other animal that
calls a river home. 

God was concerned that should He grant the hippo his wish, he would
devour all the fish in the rivers and there would be no food left for other animals. 

The hippo promised God that he would never eat a single fish if only he
could live in the water. So God and the hippo made a pact; God would 
the hippo to live in the water and the hippo would show God there are no fish
bones in his dung by rapidly swooshing his tail, spreading the
dung finely so it could be carefully scrutinised".


It is just not right to visit Shonalanga without going on a barge cruse. 
Jumbo River Safaris offers a three hour trip down the Olifants River. 
What better way to end a day by grabbing the cooler box, a few chops and
a roll or two and have a braai on the barge!  The owners of the barge are locals,
so don’t pass up the opportunity of asking them to share some interesting
stories about the fun humans and animals can have in a town called Phalaborwa.



For bookings at Shonalanga call central reservations on 015 293 3600. 

To rent a Motorhome, call Maui on 011 396 1445

Game drives and Jumbo River Safaris are booked and paid for separately.




Eagle Falls - Nature at its Best
4x4 Trails
Quad biking
Horse riding

044 754 1122

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Click on the picture above to visit the Eagles Falls website

At Eagle Falls you are sure to have the best of all worlds!

Eagle Falls is situated between George and Uniondale in the Eastern Cape.


Click on this picture to visit the
Eagles Falls website:


Eagle Falls - Nature at its Best
Klipdraai Caravan Park
Klipdraai Caravan Park
Klipdraai Caravan Park is a gem in Vereeniging. Take a visual trip with us to Klipdraai where Camping is Fun visited recently

Tel: 016-363-1193
Cell: 082-966-9118


Klipdraai Caravan Park in Meyerton is the perfect breakaway for the whole family.


Klipdraai is a caravanning and camping spot about an hour’s drive South of Johannesburg. What makes this resort rather unique is it is situated virtually in the middle of a suburb.  While strange having to wind through the suburb roads in order to get to the park, the surprise is greatly pleasant arriving at a beautiful and extremely well kept caravan park.


This camping spot offers a wide variety of fun-filled activities for anyone!

This includes an abundance of jungle gyms for the kids, putt-putt for the whole family, snooker, and even a Jacuzzi which can be hired.


The swimming pools are exquisitely kept and situated more or less in the centre of the park surrounded by caravan stands. 

Manicured lawns greet one wherever you go, ending en the more natural environment close to the river.


Everybody knows if mom is satisfied with the ablution facilities, future visits to the park are certain.  Well in this case it is no wonder that folk faces winter head on and there is hardly as stand available during even the coldest of days and night. 

Besides the general facility offering several immaculate stalls with enough toilets, baths and shower cubicles, there are private ablutions for families adjacent to a number of camp stands.


However I cannot accrue all the delight to the ablutions facilities alone.  The caravan park is truly spotless in all ways. 

We could not fault anything.


Winter presents its own set of challenges and believe me, it did on our trip.  On night one I nearly froze to death! 

Not that it was the wintery weather’s fault dipping to an ambient temperature of at least -50 degrees (ok so I am exaggerating.) 

I take full responsibility on for not taking that thick blanket along!  I had no choice but to rush into town the next morning and blanket that can weather a snow storm. 


Although the weather did not permit any kind of swimming, we enjoyed taking strolls through the park. 

The surroundings surely are to behold.
Many festivals are held at Klipdraai on a regular basis, so look out for the next coming attraction by visiting Klipdraai’s Facebook page.

The man of the moment is definitely Mundus.  He is not just a great guy but he makes all visitors feel very welcome. 

Give him a call and tell him we sent you!

We as Camping is Fun will definitely go and visit Klipdraai again. 


Tel: 016-363-1193
Cell: 082-966-9118








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