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Feast your eyes on a gallery of pictures - the LeBusha Overland Trailers available NOW!

You can also watch videos of the LeBusha Overland Trailer in this segment.

Contact: Wian 083 416 7157

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Contact: Wian 083 416 7157

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Click here to watch the video:

Contact: Wian 083 416 7157

Lions Den Off-road Trailer
Lions Den Off-road Trailer
The Lions Den off-road trailer is a newcomer on the block and manufactured by Custom Canopies in Pretoria.

We went camping with the trailer and the model we took along is the 2-berth trailer kitted out perfectly with everything a couple needs when exploring on and off-road destinations.

Lions Den:
Jan 083 281 7800

Lions Den:
Jan 083 281 7800

Arriving on the Friday in the sweltering heat we were grateful and also amazed at how quickly we could unfold this trailer. 

It is truly a 1, 2, 3 set-up and absolutely ideal for those on tour.

Businessman and Entrepreneur, Jan Venter, is the manufacturer of this brand of trailers, canopies and caravans.

The idea for this up-and-go range originated from Jan and his wife regularly hitting the road, travelling throughout neighbouring countries. 

Jan cannot sit still and likes to camp 3 nights maximum in one campsite before moving on to his next destination. 

The laborious setting up of camp became a hassle. 

Designing a trailer specifically to suit like-minded campers, Jan scrutinised every single aspect of setting up camp that takes time, eliminating them one-by-one with the Lion's Den as a result.



Most of Jan's business originates from word-of-mouth referrals with Jan even selling a canopy he built right off his own bakkie to someone wanting the canopy there and then!

We now have the chance to showcase this product to the public for the first time.

Viekie, Jan's wife had a good say in what she wanted from an ideal camper and her input is visible in not only the ease of setting up but also the layout of the product as everything a lady deems essential is easily accessible.

Grocery storage is available right next to the table that simply folds out on the side of the trailer.  The storage spaces don't come in the form of Wolf-packs which appeals to me greatly as Wolf-packs 
are  probably thee
most difficult storage containers to operate in the industry! 

To me any anyway they are a pain in the neck as the hooks are forever caught inside, making the closing of the lid a mission.



Jan specifically made use of mostly and normally wasted space at the back of the trailer for the wash-up and cooking area. 

Again the door to this area easily flips open with gas struts where all the crockery is also conveniently stored.

Further to this two-man trailer, Jan also manufactures canopies for either double
or single cab bakkies as well as much larger campervans which
sleep up to 6 with built-in aircon, the works!


An onboard shower cubicle in the cabin of the Lion's Den 2-berth camper.
View the new Bushwakka Bhoma off-road caravan now!

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The Bushwakka Bhoma is here!
Brand new off-road caravan.
Scroll down to view this new product.

Call Jasper on 082-773-7544


Bushwakka has been in the 4x4 trailer manufacturing industry since 1997
They build SABS approved light, yet tough off-road trailers to the specification of client’s
needs, backed-up by exceptional after sales service.


During the past year, Bushwakka have been very busy with new ideas and innovative trailer

concepts which were introduced to the market, like the Wakka Wakka and the
Fox Trot.

Call Jasper on 082-773-7544

Click on the logo below to visit the Bushwakka Website!


EconoTop Off-road Canopy
EconoTop Off-road Canopy
Custom Canopies not only designs and manufacture the Lions Den off-road trailer but also in their range offers a canopy custom-made for any single or double cab bakkie.

The Custom Canopy takes you anywhere and any place and is once again, like the Lions Den the perfect product for camping if you and up-and-go type of camper.

Click on More for information about this custom made EconoTop canopy


Custom Canopies now offers the amazing EconoTop Canopies - all custom made to suit every camper's needs.

Have a look at these pictures to get an idea of what the canopies offer!

The workmanship of the canopies is top notch.


Loads of packing space on all fronts.  The sleeping cabin is large with lots of headroom and a seriously comfortable mattress.

Everything is close at hand and the perfect product for camping on tour where a one-night stand with a campsite is quite adequate and moving on to the next destination is made very easy.

Call Jan on 083 281 7800

Click on the logo below to visit website:


 Onboard geyser with shower cubicle

Enough packing space in the kitchen area



Comes with full solar powered system
Call Jan on 083 281 7800

Click on the logo below to contact Jan

Click on more to find all the info on the Invader Camper Trailer!

Contact details 
Dan Pierre:  082 781 3977

The Invader was deigned with the user in mind, thus a camper that offers the luxuries of a caravan with the capability of an off-road trailer.
There were a number of needs from clients identified and the Invader guys set off to build a trailer to satisfy these particular needs.

Let us have a look at these identified needs:

A Camper / Trailer / Caravan that:

  • Is relatively lightweight for easy towing.
  • Is steadfast behind the vehicle when towed.
  • It is easy and quick to set up.
  • Has a heavy duty chassis- identifiedsuspension system.
  • Comes with Jerry cans for extra fuel.
  • Is rust free, dent free and chip free.

  • Is spacious, breezy and airy inside - where one can live when the weather is foul.
  • Has ample packing space and cupboards.
  • Has space for extra tents, chairs and tables.
  • Has comfortable beds with proper mattresses.
  • Has hot/cold running water and a basin for night use.
  • Has seating area inside.
  • Has work surface inside.
  • Has portable toilet inside for night comfort.
  • Shower option.

  • Fully fitted kitchen with enough space for crockery, utensils, a large fridge/freezer, microwave oven, gas stove, prep basin with hot and cold running water as well as enough packing space for groceries.

Dan Pierre:  082 781 3977

Click on the logo on the left to visit the Invader website
Bushy Off-road Trailer
Bushy Off-road Trailer
The Bushy off-road trailer, manufactured by Outdoor Trailer Mecca, is really worth a look.

Do this by clicking on More for all the information and pictures.

Outdoor Trailer Mecca, situated at the Hartebeespoort Dam, is a huge shop where you can buy anything and everything to do with the outdoors.

Pay them a visit!


Call Outdoor & Trailer Mecca on 087-805-8293
INFANTA off-road trailers, campers and caravans
Your next Destination awaits you with INFANTA Off-Road Trailers, campers and caravans!

Click on MORE for all the information on how to add adventure to your bucket-list!


Contact Details

J.W. Swart
Phone/fax: +27(0) 28 512 3663
Mobile: 082 558 4935


Gear included

  • First 4x4 Caravan in SA with Slide-out bed
  • Lot of space inside with enough shelves for clothes etc.
  • Access to outside shower through second door.  Shower fitted
  • 2 Plate stove with basin inside the caravan with enough workspace
  • Outside wash bay for dishes
  • Roof and sides insulated with 38mm polystyrene
  • 120 L Water tank
  • Battery charger and monitor
  • 19 L portable toilet inside
  • 60 L Engel Fridge/Freezer
  • 270 º Awning with sides
  • Table for 2 inside - tucked away under the bed
  • Domestic windows with fly screen and blinds
  • Outside kitchen with plates, glasses and bowls
  • Fire Extinguisher
INFANTA off-road trailers, campers and caravans
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