Hunting for Beginners
Hunting for Beginners
All your friends hunt.

You go along but only end up making the potjie.

You are tired of making potjie.

You also want to hunt....

This is how you start.
   Hunting for Beginners:

         Dedicated to all the loyal potjie-makers.

                                            Brought to you by Die Blou Meul.  Specialists in weaponry and hunting paraphernalia.
           Do the right thing from the start.  Call in the
            experts from Die Blou Meul.
          These guys have been leaders in hunting
          and weaponry for decades.

             The "big guns" at Blou Meul reckon:
          "Before you start the shopping process for a
                a hunting rifle, you will need to go for
                competency training at an accredited institution".

             "There are quite a few around.  Die Blou Meul
               has a list of facilities in the Gauteng area.  Your
               local police station will have a list of all the
               accredited facilities in the country".

            "These tests will cost you about R950 per weapon.
              Many folks, when going for such competency
              training, do all three weapon types at the
              same time.  This means hand weapon, shotgun as
              well as rifle.  Should you do this, a discount will be

             "A great institution to join is SA Hunters and
               Game Conservation Association.  Become a member.  
               Call 012-808-9300.  They offer training courses
               for juniors and seniors. 


         We asked to look at an entry level rifle -
         the kind you don't need to mortgage your
         house to pay for, before you can shoot straight.
         Then you can start getting excited, and take the
         next step in becoming a hunter.

            Hunting in the bushveld these days requires
         a minimum of a 30 calibre rifle.  This is
         because this calibre combines high velocity and
         heavy rounds. This feature makes it an
         effective hunting rifle and renders it less
         sensitive to twigs and wind that can easily 
         deflect a lighter bullet.



         This is a Howa rifle.  Howa 'bout that?  It is
          considered an entry level 30/WIN calibre rifle
          and won't cost you your front teeth. 

          The Howa has a synthetic gunstock. (Meaning
           butt.) It is more resistant to scratches of all


          Also remember, what you want to hunt
           has a direct impact on what calibre rifle
           you purchase.  Guys, a 30 calibre won't do
           if you want to go hunting
          A 30 calibre can be used with confidence
           when hunting Kudu,
 Blue and Black  
           Wildebeest and Gemsbuck.  Should you also
           have Im
, Blesbuck, Springbok and
           Warthog in your target, point that
           out to the
 experts from Blou Meul, so as
           to make sure your calibre choice is sufficiently
           versatile to cover all these species.        

          Some of the most popular brands of rifle
           include our very own Musgrave, Winchester,
           Mauser, SAKO, Steyr-Mannlicher, Ruger and

         Sometimes a pre-owned rifle in mint condition
          finds its way to the Blou Meul.
Have a look at
          them as
well since most hunters take
          exceptionally good care of their rifles.

          Die Blou Meul clearly offers an extensive
           range of hunting rifles, essential apparel as
           well as "nice-to-haves".  Their advice is not
           only superb, but a key element in building
           newcomers' confidence towards becoming
           good hunters.
           Ta-dah:  here they are...

Jacques from Die Blou Meul:
Jaap from Die Blou Meul:
         Hendrik from Die Blou Meul:

      Wait! There's more...

      Have a look at this handy booklet covering
       hundreds of animals.  This booklet can be
       purchased at Blou Meul.

      These pictures explain why you need it.


               Study hard.  Know everything.  Tell no one.
                       Surprise everyone.

                            Get "The Look".


                   For more information, contact Die Blou Meul:
       Or click on the logo below:


Bow Hunting
This is a brand new section on our website!

Have a look at how you can get involved in Archery!

Call Lucas on 011-907-1107/8


Should you be in desperate need to change your life, change your ranking in the world or just add another hobby to your collection, consider bow hunting.
This is a sport that has taken off like a rocket (or an arrow in this case) in South Africa especially after the new gun laws were instituted, as owning a bow does not require any licencing. 

The uptake amongst women has been amazing.  Mmm worth thinking about.

The best thing about bow hunting is that you don’t have to be Robin Hood to own one first...  

Die Blou Meul not only stock any bow you might want as well as everything gadget-wise for bow hunting, but also offers basic training to all newcomers. 

By this time you leave with bow-under-arm, you will know what to do with it.

At the Blou Meul you will find Lucas, who has been in the business of bow hunting for close on a decade.  Now here is a man that knows his business.


The first question everyone has on their lips when arriving is “what will it cost”. 

Regrettably, there is hardly any worthwhile hobby in the world that does not require some investment. 

As per usual: “what you pay is what you get”.

  However, if you are a crap shot, you can have the best bow in the world but you will be disappointed with the results.

  Like with all sport, it is about the practising of technique.  As Gary Player once said:  “The more I practice the luckier I get”. 


Beginner bow hunters however do not have to sell anyone into slavery to acquire the basics. 

What is important to remember is to go to a reputable outlet and get the experts to help. 

Good, solid experience is invaluable here.

Many hunting farms are now open for bow hunting specifically and even more are moving over to bow hunting.  

The main reason for this is that the animals are not as wild as they would be when hunted with rifles. 

Bow hunters also find it to be far more exciting than shooting from a bakkie, as one can get a lot closer to the animals.

  One shot, one kill.  This is the business of all hunting.


Another advantage of bow hunting is that it makes no noise when fired. 

The animals won’t scatter and therefore your buddy also has a chance of shooting at the same time.

Contrary to common belief (especially amongst idiots like me) is that one can hunt any animal with a bow, even animals as large as buffalo. 

Unlike rifle hunting, bow hunting does not involve different calibres. 

According to Lucas, all bows shoot the same, regardless of the price tag.  What you pay for is the intricate technology. 

Differences include the weight of the bow and the ease of use. 



What is likely to be suggested is to buy the best bow and start off with less expensive add-ons.  

From there you build up to more expensive arrows, scopes and so on.

A newcomer would be looking at and investment around R5 000.  The most common investment would be around R8000. 


The maintenance of a bow is very simple; one of the most important things is to look after it properly. 

Just take care of it dude; don’t give it to your buds to dry-fire (that is shooting is without an arrow). 

This will damage the bow parts and strings. 


It is recommended to have your bow serviced and repaired by an accredited service agent who should be done at a nominal fee.   

When the guys are not busy, the bow can be serviced there and then, so you don’t have to leave it behind and collect it later.

Waxing the strings is important to keep them flexible. 

Spare strings are available but should you not have the right equipment to re-string, you will find yourself stuck in the moment. 

This,however, happens very rarely.
Most archery equipment is imported from the US and quality is guaranteed. 
Archery is actually a fun family sport which anyone can do.

Buy a bow. 
Practice your technique. 
Go hunting guys!  And gals!


Bow Hunting
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