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So who says I need training?


What do you mean I need training? 

So you are now the proud owner of a 4x4 and ready to conquer the world.  You can't wait for the first expedition and everyone starts Googling destinations. 

Luckily dad got his license decades ago and by all accounts, an excellent driver.

The guy at the dealership showed him how to operate low-range.   Done.  Ready for action.     

Thing about "incidents" is it only happens to other people.  For the guys who don't know how to drive and dad doesn't fall into that category. 

Actually, he does.  if he's not been under the skilled hands of a professional and qualified trainer that is.


This attitude is unfortunately all too common.  Training is essential, especially  if one mostly uses the car for driving to work and back.  Truth is, natural instincts and pure common sense are simply not enough to see you through tricky terrain. 


Unskilled drivers have caused countless accidents and any professional instructor would be too willing to confirm this.



Proper training will go a long way in ensuring the safety of  driver and family alike.  Besides the safety aspect;  the big advantage of training includes the matter of understanding the capabilities and limitations of a vehicle.  We are privileged to have so many different makes and models available in SA to choose from.


As much as manufacturers would like to believe "all cars are created equal", they're not really.  Professional trainers are there to advise owners on how to optimise the performance of their  particular vehicle whilst avoiding damage.


The importance of practicing what is preached is kind of necessary too.  Fortunately, there are an abundance of tracks at academies where skills can be practiced. 

Moving on to a bit of a sensitive issuethe big "D's".  Dopping and driving.  Drinking alcohol does not improve driving skills.  The guys who believe this to be true are often identified by an elbow hanging out the open window.  Beer in hand.  Left hand's thumb hooked in the steering wheel.  Buddies in the front and back.  Lots of whoo-whooo-ing going on.

It's rather amazing to watch how confidence increases.  Even the vehicle's performance and ability increase drastically.  By the 6th beer, the car is ranked as the best in the world.

If you recognise yourself, bear in mind that each time you complete a trail while successfully emptying the cooler box, you are one day closer to the one where you won't complete it in one piece.



Sadly, many readers of this very article consider themselves the exception to the rule.   

Well, with that out of the way - going onto matters green.  Reckless off-road practices have given the industry a bad name. 

It is however heartening to know huge strides are made in changing this.  Responsible echo off-roading is now part of most off-road driver training programs. 


Go get that training then.  Just ensure wherever you go for training the facility and the instructors are accredited. 

Off-roading is a great outdoor family activity.  Go enjoy responsibly!

The Happy Camper Team



Off Road Training Academies
Here is a list of some off road driving academies.

Make sure you are well trained in 4x4 driving before embarking on an off-road trip.
Gauteng Simon Steadman +(27)84-447-4666
   Tinus   Botha                       

087 808 4991
Northwest Andre Thiart audemars piguet replica watches
Limpopo Richard Van Schalkwyk  
Mpumalanga Johan Sippel  
Free State Andre Botha  
Gauteng Andre Van Vuuren  
Herman Timmerman 012 653 8834
Western Cape Anton Ferreira  
Eastern Cape Dave Faddel  
Northern Cape Andre Botha  
Western Cape Trevor Knutsen 082-775-4941
Western Cape Peet Hendriks
087 807 8998  
Gauteng   011-431-2000011-431-2000
Gauteng   012-371-2027
Gauteng   083 413 4466
086 655 4052
Gauteng Graham Fowler 073-629-2638
Gauteng Chris Van Niekerk 083-663-3166
George Dave & Karina Faddel 044 874 5369
082 923 0143
Gauteng Jannie Rykaart 083 268 0566
Mpumalanga Johan
083 449 8701
083 305 2472
074 182 0509074 182 0509
Limpopo Richard
083 3444 749
083 349 6007
  Paul Mouton 083 296 8006
Gauteng Elmarie de Marillac 0861-393-272
Western Cape Willem 084-503-3194
Eastern Cape Brent Clark 082 787 8717
Eastern Cape Ralph Clark 083 661 0942
Gauteng Herman Engelbrecht 082 445 3301
Pretoria East André de Villiers
012 809 4410012 809 4410
Deon Anderson
Branch Manager
012 348 3253012 348 3253
André de Viliers (Jnr) 012 663 5572 / 3 / 4
Vereeniging Wesley Faul 016 422 7155016 422 7155 / 6
Upington Nic van Blerk & Hennie Becker 054 331 2655
Durban Thomas Hancke 031 566 5200
Port Elizabeth Ian Rust 041 367 2265
Western Cape Johan Kellerman 021 595 3910

Please note:

This is a listing for convenient reference.  Camping is Fun is not affiliated to any of the driver training academies. Always ensure that the driving academy / facility is certified and registered.

Off Road Training Academies
Ultimate Adventures offers a certified advance 4x4 driving course.

Read MORE..

Simon Steadman is a registered Professional 4x4 Trails and Overland Tourist Guide and sat on the founding committee of OGATO (Overland Guides and Tour Operator’s Association in SA). He has been guiding off-road trails and tours since 2006 to some of Africa’s wildest destinations including 44-Day expeditions to the Serengeti.

Ultimate Adventures Off-Road Academy

Ultimate Adventures offers Advanced Off-Road Driver training. We are currently relocating our Off-Road Academy to our new “home base” in the Magaliesburg, so all training is on hold until this process has been completed. You will be notified as soon as we are up and running via our Newsletters, Twitter and Facebook
For further information please contact Simon on +(27)84-447-4666

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