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Camping Tent Rentals!
Camping Tent Rentals!
Want to camp but you do not have a tent?

Camping is Fun is branching out and we are now renting out camping tents and camping equipment.

Camping tents
Camping tables
Camping chairs
Camping mattresses and more

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Tent and Camping Equipment Rentals!

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We are based in Fourways JHB

Now also in DBN with Exclusive Campers see below:


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031 766 0073

Adventure Trailers
Based in Gauteg, Adventure Trailers offers a selection of trailer to choose from.


Call, email, visit Adventure Trailers

Jan Albert - 082 775 5346

Nicolene - 082 570 8581

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Adventure Trailer Sales:


Adventure XT:
R13 000 (NEW)

Kitchen Area:

80 Lt Snomaster fridge/freezer on slide

Aluminium table stored underneath the fridge

2 Burner gas stove that slides in and out connected to a
4.5 Kg gas bottle

4 Drawers plus extra storage space (crockery & cutlery included)


Technical specs:

Burquip 1.6 ton brake axle with 8 leaf springs

Wheel base 15" 6 hole rims

2.5 Ton Burquip brake coupler

64 mm heavy duty jocky wheel

2 Heavy duty levelling jacks

2 LED truck light fitted

Total length of trailer 3.5 m 

GVM 1500 Kg: 

Tara 650 Kg with tent with tent (80 Kg)

Height (from ground to tent) 1.6 m

Width 1.820 m

Ground clearance 450 mm

Loading box length 2150 m

Loading box width 1.4 m

Loading box hight 1 m

Nosecone length  700 mm

Nosecone width 800 mm slope down to 700 mm

Nosecone hight 1150 m slope down to 720 mm

Aluminium table stored underneath the fridge

2 Burner gas stove that slides in and out connected to
a 4.5 Kg gas bottle

4 Drawers plus extra storage space
(crockery & cutlery included)


1 x 45 Kg gas bottle (space for another one)

105 a/h deep cycle battery with C Tek charger
(space for another one)

220 v plug with circuit breakers and earth leakage 

1 x 50 Lt water tank mounted underneath trailer


Spare wheel mounted on a bracket that slides with the rear door

4 x Hella power sockets fitted on outside of trailer

220 V plug

4 x Chairs

Tent Area:

Howling Moon Delux trailer tent (double bed, dressing
area, awning over kitchen

and awning next to dressing room) can fit multiroom ,
front and back awning and side panels.





Jan Albert - 082 775 5346

Nicolene - 082 570 8581


R65 000 (Used)

Trailer Layout:

Trailer Tent with double bed on top of trailer and dressing room

2 Burner gas stove

80 Lt Fridge or Freezer (temp can be adjusted)

3 Drawers in kitchen area 

2 Clothing drawers

Food drawer above fridge

50 Lt onboard water tank

Spare wheel

Fire extinguisher

Deep cycle battery

Intelligent charger

Gas bottle

Technical Specs:

1.6 ton brake axle with 8 leaf springs

Wheel base 15" 6 hole rims

Total length 3.4 m

Weight (including battery, tent, fridge and gas bottle) 830 Kg 

GVM 1500 KG

Width 1. 8 m

Height (including tent) 1.8 m





(Used) - R55 000 - Drawers /

 (New) - R90 000 Drawers

Trailer Layout:

Trailer Tent with double bed on top of trailer and dressing room

2 / 1 Burner gas stove

80 Lt Fridge or Freezer (temp can be adjusted)

3 Drawers in kitchen area / Army crates  

50 Lt onboard water tank

Spare wheel

Fire extinguisher

Deep cycle battery

Intelligent charger

Gas bottle

Technical Specs:

1.6 ton brake axle with 8 leaf springs

Wheel base 15" 6 hole rims

Total length 3.3 m

Weight (including battery, tent, fridge and gas bottle) 680 Kg

GVM 1500 KG

Width 1.8 m

Height (including tent) 1.8 m




Jan Albert - 082 775 5346

Nicolene - 082 570 8581


R75 000 New

Trailer Layout:

Trailer Tent with double bed on top of trailer and dressing room Burner gas stove

Slide for fridge (fridge not included)

4 x Army crate

Aluminium  table

Spare wheel

Deep cycle battery

Intelligent charger

Gas bottle

Technical Specs:

Wheel base 15" 6 hole rims

Total length 3.2 m

Weight (including battery, tent, fridge and gas bottle) 460 Kg

GVM 750 Kg

Width 1.8 m

Height (including tent) 1.4 m

1.6 Ton unbrake axle with 8 leaf springs




Jan Albert - 082 775 5346

Nicolene - 082 570 8581

Adventure Trailers
Camping Tent Rentals!
Camping Tent Rentals!
Exclusive Campers Tent and camping equipment rentals in KZN.

Welcome to Exclusive Campers South Africa.

We offer exclusive, high quality camping experiences throughout our country.

In addition we offer rental services for all your camping equipment needs.
Let us handle the details while you make the memories!

Rent your camping tents and equipment from us!

Call Dianne on 076-811-6236

Exclusive Campers Rentals in KZN

Contact Dianne

031 766 0073



Make an appointment to meet us at our warehouse to choose your gear!

We bridge the divide between the authentic experience of communing with nature, and adult desires for amenities and comfort… We provide top quality camping equipment for hire to suit your budget.

Download our Catalogue here…

Simon Steadman from Ultimate Adventures is taking explorers on an adventure of a lifetime!




084 447 4666


1-9 October 2016


Date:                 1-9 October 2016
Venue:               Molopo River, North-West/Northern Cape
Cost:                 R3 500 per person
Includes:          Camping & Park Fees, Guide Fees, Dinner Daily
Excludes:         Fuel, Border Costs, Drinks, VHF Radio Hire 


The Molopo River is one of the main and oldest rivers in Southern Africa. It has a length of approximately 960 kilometers and a catchment area of 367,201 sq km with Botswana, Namibia and South Africa sharing roughly about a third of the basin each.

The river rises from a spring at the Eye of Mafikeng and ends its journey at the Orange River at Riemvasmaak downstream from Augrabies Falls, generally flowing first to the west, and then to the southwest from its source.

In its middle course the Molopo River forms a significant section of the border between Botswana and South Africa. River flow is intermittent. It is believed that this river last flood occurred more than 100 years ago. Maybe “global warming” will change that.

Our Adventure begins at the source in Mafikeng; follow it along the Botswana border to the Molopo Game Reserve.
This remote Kalahari grassland and thornveld reserve is an arid savannah region of undulating grass and thornveld dunes offering a unique wilderness experience to the wildlife enthusiast. Many of the game and bird species found on the reserve are endemic to the desert regions of South Africa.

From Molopo Game Reserve it’s on to an overnight stop at Leeupan Guest Farm and our first taste of the Dunes of the Kalahari. Here we will drive a small trail to practice sand and dune driving before settling down to our usual braai and stories around the fire.

From Leeupan we proceed onto Loch Maree tracking the Molopo River all along the Botswana border via the Molopo Eco-Trail. This part of the trail is truly awesome, driving in vast canyons and wide flood plains.

Loch Maree is mainly a sheep and cattle farm, as well as a game farm. Loch Maree is named after a huge salt pan, 24 km in circumference, containing over 9 million tons of salt. At Loch Maree we will tackle a 50km 4x4 trail through Kalahari bush veld and many “Kalahari Red Sand” dunes.

After two nights at Loch Maree we continue onto Kakamas to refuel and take on provisions.
Then it’s onto Riemvasmaak, nestling between the Augrabies National Park and the southern Kalahari. It is a unique, isolated and spectacular mountain desert-like destination, with Namibia to the west and the Orange River to the south.

The scenery is dramatic, with craggy mountains, a hot spring and lots of history, which the locals are very willing to share. Our camp site is at the bottom of a ravine along the Molopo River. Tall cliffs surround you and the echo of bird calls is deafeningly beautiful.

Once settled in you can lounge in the hot springs to soothe away the aches and dust of the road.We will be camping at Riemvasmaak for 2 nights. This will allow enough time to explore the area, and off course complete our conquest by following the Molopo River as it flows into the Orange River, 960km from its source.

On our return trip to civilization we will stop over for a night at Red Sands and visit the Eye of Kuruman.

084 447 4666


Great Zambian Migrations Expedition

14-26 November 2016

Venue:              Liuwa Plain NP & Kasanka NP, Zambia
Cost:                 R11 500 per person
Includes:          All camping & conservation fees                          
                           Guide fees                          
                           Dinner daily                         

Tour Details
Each year, Zambia plays host to two of the best kept secrets in the natural world. These wildlife spectacles are only ever witnessed by the avid adventurer due to the remoteness of the areas in which they occur.
This year, we have combined 2 of our most popular tours in order to witness both migrations in one magnificent Zambian expedition.
Liuwa Plain National Park is situated in the Upper Zambezi flood plains of Western Zambia. The park covers an area of 3,600km2 of vast grasslands and wooded islands, and the plain from which the park takes its name is 70km long and 30km wide. The park plays a vital role in the Zambezi's catchment and is flooded from late December to June each year.
Liuwa also forms part of a remarkable annual wildebeest migration route. Herds cover 200km from an area to the northwest of the park in June to concentrate in the southern region of the park by November. In addition to significant wildebeest and Burchell's zebra family groups, Liuwa is home to tsessebe, oribi, Southern reedbuck, lion, spotted hyena and cheetah. Rarer species including wild dog and leopard have occasionally been seen.
Up to ten million “straw-coloured fruit bats” converge upon Kasanka National Park as the fruits of a local tree ripen. These bats roost in a specific woodland and literally cover the trunks of the trees like thick icing. Then at sunset they all take off and fly out to forage. The sky is thick with bats. You can view all this from the 60 ft high hide, in a tree top, next to the woodland. And from this hide, during the day you will see many sitatunga in the swamp below.
These migrations happen in other parts of Africa, but they tend to occur in urban areas, and with the growth of cities, bat numbers seem to be on the decline. To see millions of bats dispersing at dusk against the setting sun is one of the wildlife wonders of Africa, and one that definitely shouldn’t be missed.

For more information on this adventure, please contact:
Simon Steadman                       
084 447 4666

The ULTIMATE caravan mover!

The Rocky Jocky Caravan Mover

Dick has a new email address:

Call Dick on 083-254-0461

Click on MORE to watch the video clip on how the Rocky Jocky operates..

Dick 083-254-0461
23 Reier Avenue,  Atlasville, Boksburg.

To email Dick, double click on the address below.
Please include your cell phone number in the email


Click on picture below to watch video:

Rocky Jocky: caravan-camping, boating and trailer essential.

The Rocky Jocky Caravan/boat/trailer mover is one of thee
tried and tested's of our industry. 

It has a great reputation of
saving lower backs, garage side-walls, lives, ego's and marriages.

It is ideal for maneuvering any of the above into tight spots and the wheels give great traction.

What makes this product a must is the fact that it does not need the caravan's jockey wheel to function, so the jockey wheel cannot break off while operating.


It's a trustworthy little work-horse, offering two models:

The .75 KW model
has the capacity to maneuver a caravan/boat/plane/mother-in-law
up to 1700 kg’s.
R10 500.

The 1.50KW can maneuver up to 3500 kg’s.

R14 000

The handle is detachable to fit into a smaller storage area. 

After sales service is taken care of by Dick himself.


Because the Rocky Jocky is made in SA, all spares and replacement parts are easily
available, with manufacturer Dick van der Westhuizen's
keen eye firmly on quality.

The wheels have 6” tubeless tyres which are easily replaceable should
the need arise.

As the product is
mechanically uncomplicated, very little maintenance is required.



Splendid feature

if you can operate a DSTV remote, you are considered
over-qualified to operate a Rocky Jocky;

It only has one button for on,
and one button for off. So no additional training needed. There we go.

The motor can move forward and backward.


Dick carries stock of the Rocky Jocky so there is no need to wait for Christmas
bonuses before you cuddle your Rocky Jocky

The electric motor carries a 12 month warranty.
The product is available nation wide so call Dick on 083-254-0461.





Penta & Fleetline Limited Editions


A few years ago Kempton Caravans pioneered the concept of gravel road caravans in South Africa with the launching of their very successful Sprite Scout Nomad. Caravan destinations, which were off the beaten track, are mainly frequented by campers. The lucky ones with serious off-road caravans like the Jurgens Safari range suddenly became accessible.

Bee 082 897 4997
Marcelle 082 572 2460 or

  landline at (011) 974 5595



Penta & Fleetline KC

The boys and girls from Kempton Caravans are at it again. 

A few years ago Kempton Caravans pioneered the concept of gravel road caravans in South Africa with the launching of their very successful Sprite Scout Nomad. Caravan destinations, which were off the beaten track, are mainly frequented by campers. The lucky ones with serious off-road caravans like the Jurgens Safari range suddenly became accessible.

This opened up a new form of lifestyle for enthusiasts who wanted the comfort of a more traditional and conventional type of caravan which would not fall apart on dirt roads and could withstand the corrugations of a destination like the Kgalagadi.

Southern African destinations were now within reach for more people and this in turn helped with the growth of the caravan industry.

The concept of living outside the caravan and not inside is preferred by most South African caravanners. The launch of the Sprite range with the outside kitchen was a huge success. 

“We have received many requests for caravan modifications, as many people want to keep their existing caravan but at the same time customize here and there,” said Larry Kreuiter, the General Manager at Kempton Caravans. 

"If only I kept a record of all the ideas that have come my way after 34 years in the caravan industry I would have a best seller on my hands,” he adds.
The request for more outside facilities comes up time and again and the Kempton Caravans team decided to offer the option of an outside kitchen with ample workspace both inside and out.

Air conditioning has become very popular and we have offered this as standard fitment on both the Penta & Fleetline KC. This does not mean that you have to have the aircon fitted. It's your call and obviously there is a financial saving should you choose to exclude this option. By fitting the aircon it meant that we would have to find space for the spare wheel which is housed in the nose cone. The alternative is either on the floor of the caravan or in the tow vehicle. Neither is really an option. We have offered the customer two choices, either have it mounted to the lockable spare wheel bracket on the a-frame or under the chassis at the rear of the caravan.

Another common request was for a solid worktop in the kitchen. Cooking inside the caravan is not always popular with many caravanners. This allowed us to remove the stove, wash basin and tap and utilize this on the outside. Whilst we were busy with the kitchen, we thought that we might as well fit slides onto one or two of the drawers. It's sometimes difficult to access the lower drawers if you are not the supplest of people and if getting on your hands and knees is not for you. 

A very old and experienced customer of ours, Fran's Botha, followed the progress of the Penta KC with great interest and when he saw the drawer on slides he suggested that we fit the same to the bunk on the left of the entrance door as you enter the caravan. 

“It's always a pain to get something out of there if you do not have access from an outside hatch,” he said. 

“The cushions need to be lifted then put on the table before you get on your hands and knees etc,” he adds. This little modification has proved to be a winner, so the moral of the story is listen to the customer.

The current model Penta already has a basin fitted to the outside with a tap housed in a fibreglass holder which in turn is coupled to a 220 volt hot water geezer. What is missing is a decent worktop alongside the basin. Initially we made a steel table which is powder coated but we were not happy with the weight. This is now manufactured in aluminium which is a lot lighter and also will not rust. You have the choice of using the table as a clip on or we can permanently mount it to the side of the caravan. We have done the same with the Fleetline. 

However, as the geezer is an after-market fitment on the Fleetline the client will have the choice of electing not to go with the hot water and once again have a saving on the price.
To make space for the outside kitchen hatch was relatively easy on the Penta. We needed to reposition it about 100mm deeper into the caravan which was not a problem as there was ample floor space. This was not possible on the Fleetline being a shorter caravan with the space from the foot of the bed to the fridge already a bit tight. We elected to remove the fridge and fit it in the old kitchen area. This in turn allowed us to use the space where the fridge was positioned and turn it into a cupboard for extra packing space.

The microwave was also removed and fitted in the outside kitchen hatch. Once again this space has been utilized and closed off with two cupboard doors.
An extra aluminium table is also supplied and fitted to the caravan either as a clip on or permanent fixture to the side of the caravan, left of the entrance door. There is certainly no shortage of work space outside the caravan. A canvas storage compartment fits under the fold out kitchen worktop for those odds and ends like pots and pans that are always in the way.

"If we can tweak certain things to suit individual requirements we are more than willing to do so. We do not run a production line so we are reasonably flexible,” said Larry.

The prototypes are available for viewing on the Kempton Caravans showroom floor. The first 10 units are supplied with a free comforter, cushions and pillow cases.
For more information, clients are requested to contact either

Bee on 082 897 4997
Marcelle on 082 572 2460 or

to phone the landline at (011) 974 5595.

Oztrail New Tent Range!
Oztrail New Tent Range!
Have look at the brand new Oztrail range of Camping Tents.

Under more is a list of new categories. Find ALL the Oztrail tents listed under our category TENTS on the left-hand sidebar on the main page:

Oztrail Breezway Dome Tents

Oztrail Camper Trailer Tents

Oztrail Echo Range of camping Tents

Oztrail Classic Range of camping Tents

Oztrail Hiking Range of camping tents

Oztrail Classic Range of camping tents

Oztrail Elite Series of camping tents

Oztrail Sportiva Series of camping tents

Oztrail Outer Limits range of camping tents

Oztrail Ozzie domes for camping

Oztrail Tent Accessories for camping

Oztrail Swags for Camping

Oztrail tourer tents for camping

Oztrail Cabin Tents for camping

Oztrail Camper trailer tents for camping





       Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information





Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information


















Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information





Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information








Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information


The Outer Limits range contains high performance, lightweight tents for the
serious hiker. Made with the user in mind, these tents will keep you comfortable
and protected in any conditions, while the pack size and weight make them very
comfortable to carry. Each Outer Limits tent comes in a dry sack style carry bag, so
your tent is dry even when you’re not, making it great for canoeing and cycling.

Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information




Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information


Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information





Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information







Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information






Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information






Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information












Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information





Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information
















Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information




Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information







Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information







Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information




Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information






Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information




Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information





Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information







Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information




Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information






Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information



Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information



Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information




Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information






Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information






Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information




Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information



Call Vanessa on 082-372-9215 for more information
Carima LED Lights and Solar Products
FREE DELIVERY: Buy Carima Products ONLINE: Click on any of the products listed within the MORE section and buy any of the Carima products online!

Please read T&C regarding free delivery by clicking on MORE

CARIMA LED vehicle spotlights
CARIMA Solar systems


FREE delivery in South Africa for any product purchases above R1000!

T&C's apply

Contact Marnes on +27 12 819 1353

Established in 2000, Carima Products focuses on the manufacture, import and retail of LED lighting products. These activities include product selection, imports, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and after sales services.

Our dedicated team of experts are here to answer all your questions and help you decide on the best LED lighting to suit your household or business requirements.

All products supplied by Carima Products adhere to acceptable industry installation standards.

Carima LED Lights and Solar Products
Bushwakka all terraing products
Bushwakka all terraing products
The Bushwakka range of off-road products are a must see.

If you are in the market for some fun, check this out NOW!

Tel: +27 (0)23 342 3438 • Cell: +27 (0)82 773 7544 • Fax: +27 (0)23 342 8469

Call Bushwakka on
087 550 7666

Bushwakka Africa
Bushwakka 4×4 Off-Road Trailers & Caravans

Scroll down to view video!


Sundowner 4×4 Off-Road Caravan


The Sundowner 4×4 Off-Road Caravan fills a gap in the trailer market, as it is a trailer designed for two people which has a caravan-type feel, and is also easy to set up.

Elderly people don’t want to climb up a ladder to sleep, whilst young, adventurous couples want a trailer which can be set up in just minutes. And, of course, the Sundowner trailer subscribes to Bushwakka’slightest, toughest and
best’ ethos.

The Sundowner 4 x 4 off-road caravan is a trailer which comes standard with a CR12 stainless-steel chassis. heavy duty leaf springs, Safari Gas shocks and a stainless-steel and aluminium body.

As tough as it is the Sundowner has a softer caravan feel to its interior.

An integral part of the Bushwakka ethos  is their focus on the client as an individual.  As Johan Cronje, technical manager at Bushwakka put it: "We are not in the business of mass-producing trailers".  The Bushwakka team member pride themselves on their focus on the individual.  So, while keeping to the base concept, Bushwakka will always go the extra mile to help satisfy the client's unique requirements.
  • Compact design

  • Spacious interior living space

  • Sleeps 2

  • Remarkable quick and simple set up time

  • Easy Setup Bush-Fan Canopy

  • Large well designed and easily accessible kitchen equipped for 4

Bushwakka Sundowner Video.
Click on the logo below to watch

Made for the whole family, this Bushwakka Bhoma off-road caravan can take you and yours anywhere.

Click on MORE for information

The all new Bushwakka Bhoma Off-Road Caravan:
For you and the Family!

Call Jasper on (082) 7737544


There has been some exiting changes made to the Bushwakka Trailer - the conversion is now a full-blooded off-road 4x4 Caravan!   Get to see the new Boma from every possible angle right here on Camping is Fun.

Below you will find a picture gallery of the new Bhoma.  The set-up of the new Bhoma is the same as that of the new Bhoma off-road 4x4 caravan so we include that for you to have a look at.  Look out for the new video on the Bushwakka Bhoma Caravan coming soon. 

Click on the image below to watch the video clip:  how camp is set up


  Click on the image below to watch the video clip:  how to break down camp






Click on the block below to email Jasper





Click on the block below to email Jasper









Click on the block below to email Jasper
















Click on the block below to email Jasper





Click on the block below to email Jasper


Lumeno for LED Lighting
Lumeno for LED Lighting
Discover the extensive range of LED lighting from Lumeno.

Click on More
     Premium Light Bars:     
   Premium Light Bars:            






Click on the picture above to link up with the Lumeno Website
Spot Lights: Spot Lights:

Automotive Globes: Automotive Globes:

Click on the picture above to link up with the Lumeno Website
Flexible Range:



Aluminium Open Range 12V:

Aluminium Diffused Range 12V:

Aluminium Dual Range 12V: Aluminium Tri Colour 12V:
Aluminium Dimmable range 12V:

Aluminium 220V range: LED Downlights:

LED Power Supply: LED Power Supply:

To connect directly with the Lumeno Website click on the logo above.


Accessories: Accessories:





To connect directly with the Lumeno Website click on the logo above.




Changes at Kempton Caravans
The new boys on the block!

Eduard:  C&A Concepts 011 6132916 and 0823718549 

Clive:  Camp Guru 011 6132918 and 0828225969

Kelly:  Cycle East 011 9748410 and 0731912210

Larry:  Kempton Caravans 011 9745595 and 0832519571




After over 30 years in the caravan & outdoor industry most family companies would think that it's time to consolidate , wind down and possibly sell off and plan for that much needed retirement. "We looked at the options" said Larry Kreuiter,  one of the owners of Kempton Caravans."

We still have an enormous energy in the business and have realized that should we withdraw , it would not be long before we longed to be back in the saddle again. We have the utmost confidence in the leisure industry and the outdoor lifestyle choice that many South Africans embrace."

"The options are endless - from camping, caravanning, hiking, canoeing, cycling, traveling, fishing etc etc. We have the best of climates and landscapes to satisfy the most discernible appetite for outdoor adventure."


Space is always a problem in the caravan game particularly in the metropolitan areas with the huge costs associated with properties and rentals being a huge constraint on dealer viability and growth. Space is available but hardly ever next door! We were extremely fortunate to acquire two properties adjoining Kempton Caravans which has more than trebled what we had available.

As a result Canvas & Aluminium Concepts ( which started off in the tent repair and modification business under the ownership of Clive vd Vyver 15 years ago and had to relocate as they needed more space than Kempton Caravans could provide ) has now been able to return to bigger and better premises." This is good for both of us " said Eduard who  has joined Clive and taken over management of C&A Concepts. "

While we do the normal production runs of bags, caravan & trailer covers, ground sheets and more importantly tent repairs we also specialize in the " one offs" that the bigger players do not want to touch " said Eduard. " We are more than willing to listen to a clients unique request and make something to his spec or requirement."


Whilst still working closely with Ed, Clive has formed a new company called Camp Guru which will now focus on the caravan and trailer rental side of the business ." I agree with Larry " said Clive " in that the leisure industry is still vibrant despite the doom and gloom sentiments out there.

There is nothing like a bit of sunshine and the smell of a chop on the coals to get the SA outdoor lover wanting to hit the outdoors. Many people want to " try before they buy" and I hope to satisfy their need with a clean recent model rental caravan.

We also have the existing caravan owner who would love to weekend with friend or family member who do not own a caravan and do what we call ". Take a mate". In this way we hope to introduce more families to the wonderful world of caravanning and camping. We also have the town house dweller who is unable to purchase because of storage problems and would like nothing more than to take a few breaks away a year in a caravan .


Our partners in the " take a mate" program, Kempton Caravans have agreed to refund the weekend rental fee should the " mate" purchase either a new or pre-owned caravan from them within 60 days of the rental."

" Cycling and in particular, mountain biking is probably the fastest growing sport in the country. Enjoyed by serious and hard core sports enthusiasts to outdoor lovers and families, it,s the perfect way to compliment your weekend or camping lifestyle ",said Kelly Kreuger owner of the East Rand,s newest cycle shop " Cycle East".

" Nothing can be more stress relieving and relaxing than hitting the gravel road or " bush spoor" on a bicycle.  Cycle East will stock the popular range of cycles from including Trek and Momsen  and of course cycle accessories. We also have a workshop to handle cycle repairs and servicing which is done on the premises."


We also have a workshop to handle cycle repairs and servicing which is done on the premises."
" The objective " said Larry " is in time to plan and open a few more smaller outdoor lifestyle businesses on the premises which will offer synergy to the existing businesses. We will just be the landlord, They must be owner managed as my experience has shown that this is the way to go in terms of customer satisfaction and viability."

There is a car wash and coffee shop also independently owned on the premises.


Eduard:  C&A Concepts 011 6132916 and 0823718549 

Clive:  Camp Guru 011 6132918 and 0828225969

Kelly:  Cycle East 011 9748410 and 0731912210

Larry:  Kempton Caravans 011 9745595 and 0832519571

Changes at Kempton Caravans
Invader Off-Road Camper
Invader Off-Road Camper
Invader has an impressive product that deserves a look if you are in the market for an all terrain camper.

Click on more

Contact details 
Dan Pierre:  082 781 3977


The Invader was deigned with the user in mind, thus a camper that offers the luxuries of a caravan with the capability of an off-road trailer.

There were a number of needs from clients identified and the Invader guys set off to build a trailer to satisfy these particular needs.
Let us have a look at these identified needs:

A Camper / Trailer / Caravan that:

  • Is relatively lightweight for easy towing.
  • Is steadfast behind the vehicle when towed.
  • It is easy and quick to set up.
  • Has a heavy duty chassis- identified suspension system.
  • Comes with Jerry cans for extra fuel.
  • Is rust free, dent free and chip free.

  • Is spacious, breezy and airy inside - where one can live when the weather is foul.
  • Has ample packing space and cupboards.
  • Has space for extra tents, chairs and tables.
  • Has comfortable beds with proper mattresses.
  • Has hot/cold running water and a basin for night use.
  • Has seating area inside.
  • Has work surface inside.
  • Has portable toilet inside for night comfort.
  • Shower option.
  • Fully fitted kitchen with enough space for crockery, utensils, a large fridge/freezer, microwave oven, gas stove, prep basin with hot and cold running water as well as enough packing space for groceries.

Dan Pierre:  082 781 3977


Setting up of the Invader:

Dan Pierre:  082 781 3977

Not only for Mozzies!

Besides offering a whole range of products that wards off the little critters, did you know it also repels other bugs?

Click on MORE for the range of products suitable to take on any camping trip!

Tala Manzi Weekend with Bushy Trailers
Tala Manzi Weekend with Bushy Trailers
Our Journey started with us picking up our rental Bushy Trailer from Outdoor Trailer Mecca.

You will remember we did a feature on the Bushy camping trailer in one of our earlier posts.
This time around we took the bigger model and tried it out at Tala Manzi bushcamp where there is no electricity - real bushcamping!

We also review two different solar systems for camping - the Tamog system and the Flexopower system.

Click on MORE

Outdoor Trailer Mecca Rentals:  087-508-8293
Tala Manzi Game Farm:  082-820-4117



It is now the second time we rent a Bushy trailer from Outdoor Mecca.  The service clients get is amazing.  Before you hook up and go, you are taken through all the ins-and-outs of the trailer so by the time you reach your destination, you are already familiar with how things work.

The larger Bushy Trailer comes with two large glass solar panels.  All the wiring in the Bushy is done to accommodate either 220V, 12V or solar power.



The Bushy rental trailer is equipped with a 70 Liter National Luna fridge/freezer, 5 wolf-packs for packing space, a two-plate gas stove with a little gas oven which is so useful when heating up food or even baking bread in!


We left Outdoor Trailer Mecca and headed for Groot Marico, a beautiful part of our country with the most amazing variety of natural diversity. We left Outdoor Trailer Mecca and headed for Groot Marico, a beautiful part of our country with the most amazing variety of natural diversity.

From Pretoria, Tala Manzi is about 3 hours drive towards Thabazimbi.


Our reception was welcoming and warm.  Clearly the staff has a passion for what they do.  A clear appreciation of the environment they find themselves working in.

This farm offers exceptional fauna and flora including the big 5!


Call Denine at Outdoor Trailer Mecca Rentals and Sales:  087-508-8293   

  Call Annemarie at Tala Manzi Game Farm:  082-820-4117


To give you an idea of how the Bushy Camping Trailer is set up, we put together some video clips. These will be available in the open areas next to and underneath the text boxes shortly.



Tala Manzi is a very special place to camp.  This is unmistakable from the pictures below.  We decided this time around to show more pictures and talk less.  If you are into Nature, Tala Manzi offers endless opportunities for picture taking.  Go and enjoy yourself!


Groot Marico's geological features are characterized by the presence of extensive dolomite and limestone formations. 

This dry Bushveld area offers the most interesting ecological configurations like the natural river "Slip-n-slides" on the Tala Manzi farm - unsurpassed fun for kids and grown-ups alike in summer. Even in winter for the very brave.




For everyone else there are game drives, with host Jacques making the trip unforgettable not only on the game-viewing side but also sharing the most interesting information about the environment which is so unique to this area.

Tala Manzi is situated on the farm Drie-Fontein.  The river on the farm is perennial and is fed by three fountains during the dry months.

This year, after a terrible drought, the farm had unprecedented rain and not only is the river still flowing strong, but the dam on the farm is full for the first time in a long while.


Tala Manzi has card facilities, but should you need cash, the closest ATM is a mere 10 k's away.

The security on the farm is well taken care of.


Rest assured - there is lots to do at Tala Manzi and both you and the kids will have a roaring time!

Tala Manzi Game Farm:  082-820-4117





The Bushy Trailer is one of the easiest camper trailers to set up.
The size of what you tow vs the size of what you sleep in are two totally different things as the size of the trailer is very deceiving.

Call Denine at Outdoor Trailer Mecca Rentals and Sales:  087-508-8293


On the kitchen side of the Bushy trailer there are two sliding drawers;  the one slides out the fridge/freezer and the gas oven/stove combo.

The other slides out a drawer containing the ammo boxes where groceries and utensils are stored.

There is more packing space inside the trailer offering a fair sized cavity for luggage.

The Bushy trailer not only offer 220V and 12V power, but also Solar power so you can literally go anywhere with the Bushy and don't need to rely on 220V power supply.


The Bushy trailer's canopy opens up into a tent as well as a cabin with a full sized double bed.





The panel compilation below is a new development in solar power technology.  It consists of 12 individual solar panel sections and folds up in a neat suitcase type carry bag.

It comes with all the fittings to charge cell phones and generates enough power to keep the auxiliary battery going for hours.

For more information on this product call Warren on 079-230-2360



Flexopower is another great development in the business of supplying alternative power.
Flexopower is also ideal for camping and the outdoors as it is flexible, user friendly and virtually impossible to break.



Flexopower Solar Systems:

Call Will on 072-180-4505



Flexopower systems produces 15% more DC power a day than glass panels.

This Desert 4x4 Solar Kit range is the state of the art solar system suitable to charge batteries even during short stays at camp.

It is light-weight and flexable so it can be placed wherever the sun is - on the ground, on the roof of the vehicle, over the bonnet.. truly wherever.

Again, this product is sturdy, user friendly and virtually unbreakable.  Even when punctured, the panels still work.

It charges batteries as well as battery banks.

Call Will on 072-180-4505




To watch the video clip on Flexopower, click on the You Tube link below:


To go to the Flexopower Facebook page click on the link below:


To visit the Flexopower website click on the link below:

Or call Will on 072-180-4505

Afrispoor always on the right track
Afrispoor has been developing and building off-road campers and trailers for decades.

Their quality is arguably some of the best on the market and very user friendy.

Click on more for information

Afrispoor always on the right track
If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then you need to give Simon a call!

+27 (0) 84 447 4666

Ultimate Adventures

Simon Steadman 4WD Fundi

Read more about Simon and scroll down to find out more about some of the stuff you should put onto your bucket list!

Member: Four Wheel Drive Club of Southern Africa ,

Registered 4x4 Overland Guide, Level 1 & Level 2 DCC, Level 1 First Aid


Simon Steadman is a registered Professional 4x4 Trails and Overland Tourist Guide and sat on the the founding committee of OGATO (Overland Guides and Tour operator's Association of South Africa).

He has been guiding off-road trails and tours since 2006 to some of Africa's wildest destinations including 44-Day expeditions to the Serengeti.


One of his greatest assets as a tour guide is his ability to remain calm in the most trying of circumstances and to think clearly and logically while under pressure.

other good traits that go down well with his clients are his fine cooking skills, his warm and gentle nature, and the great hospitality he extends to all of his clients.


Simon is the co-owner of Ultimate Adventures, an adventure company that specialises in guided self-drive 4x4 tours to some of Southern Africa's most remote and awe-inspiring destinations.  All tips are fully catered and family orientated, as Simon feels it is important for families to enjoy the bush together in a safe and well controlled environment.


Ultimate Adventures also focuses on 4WD training (various) and niche 4WD equipment.

Simon has been running a very successful Safari operation for the last 6 years.

Call Simon on 084-447-4666



Makgadikgadi Pans Tour Details.  Click HERE to book.

The Makgadikgadi Pans are one of the harshest environments on Earth and a 4x4 adventurer’s paradise.

Come and join us as we explore some of the untouched gems these enormous salt pans have to offer as we venture off –the-beaten-track and head into the heart of the Pans.

Our local guide will take us to places that are rarely visited by other travellers so this is a totally unique Pans experience.

We will however include a night at the mystical Kubu Island as no trip to the Pans is complete without visiting this magical destination.





The Magical

Makgadikgadi Pans

Call Simon on 084-447-4666






Call Simon on 084-447-4666


Richtersveld & Fish River Canyon Tours:

Call Simon on 084-447-4666







Mabuasehube Game Reserve:

Call Simon on 084-447-4666






Call Simon on 084-447-4666

For more information on everything Ultimate Adventures,

click HERE

If you have an empty bucket list, here is an opportunity to fill it to the brim. Right here!

Call Simon Steadman
+27 (0) 84 447 4666

Ultimate Adventures


About Ultimate Adventures

Ultimate Adventures are leading specialists in guided self-drive tours, Overland Excursions and Safaris to a variety of outstanding wilderness destinations in Africa.

Ultimate Adventures pride themselves in their tours being of the highest standard with superb catering and attention to detail – these being just a couple of our differentiators. We offer everything from a weekend trail in Gauteng to an epic expedition to the Serengeti.

Simon Steadman is a registered Professional 4×4 Trails and Overland Tourist Guide and sat on the original committee of OGATO (Overland Guides and Tour Operator’s Association in SA). He has been guiding off-road trails and tours since 2006 to some of Africa’s wildest destinations including 44-Day expeditions to the Serengeti.


WHY CHOOSE Ultimate Adventures

  • Simon Steadman is highly experienced, qualified & very knowledgeable in outdoor skills and leadership.
  • All of our Tourist Guides are top professionals in the industry.
  • Our Tour team are well known and very respected in the 4WD, Safari and Overland community.
  • Many Adventures Tour packages to choose from.
  • We will show you real Africa!



Simon is co-author of the very successful “4×4 Routes of Southern Africa” book published by Map Studio in 2011, contributing two chapters to the publication.


Ultimate Adventures supports the responsible use of 4WD vehicles in the wild and they ensure that all tour groups are well informed about the impact their 4WD vehicles can have on the environment when used incorrectly and irresponsibly.  We strive to cause as little impact on the environment as possible in all areas visited.    


For all bookings of adventures click on the link below:

Waterberg Resort
Waterberg Resort
Discover the magnificence of the Waterberg at the Waterberg Resort.

Tanya 087 802 8390

Click on MORE




Call Tanya on 087 802 8390


The Waterberg is undisputedly one of the most interesting districts in Limpopo Province and is known for its extensive rock formations, shaped by hundreds of millions of years of riverine erosion. 

It can be described as dry deciduous forest or good old Bushveld.

Within the Waterberg there are archeological finds dating to the Stone Age and nearby are early evolutionary finds related to the origin of humans!

The region is renowned for its natural hot springs and the beautiful mountain terrain of the Waterberg mountain range.

Situated in this beautiful region is the Waterberg Resort.  It offers everything for the whole family from entertainment for the kids to game viewing.

Waterberg Resort has a number of hiking routes for the more adventurous and it is a paradise for birders.




To camp at this resort is a true breakaway as one is surrounded by the tranquility of Nature.  The look and feel of Waterberg Resort plays the part too!

We put together some pictures for you which we wish to inspire you with to call for more information.

Below we list all the important stuff you would want to know about this camping resort.



There are cold as well as hot swimming pools so no matter what time of year you want to camp, Waterberg is ready for ya.


Because of the climate one can go camp in winter - and what could be better than sitting around the campfire at dusk with the sun setting behind some thorn trees...

Lekker ou Bosveld!




What makes Waterberg Resort a must:

(Kitchen does not include fridge or stove).

Important information about Waterberg Resort:

  • The closest town is Bela Bela
  • Debit and credit cards accepted
  • Bar, restaurant and kiosk
  • Semi-private stands
  • Family bathrooms
  • General ablution facilities
  • You can either book in advance or just go camp on the spur of the moment.
  • There is security at the resort
  • There is late night noise control
  • The resort has wildlife
  • No extra fees payable for any activities
  • There is a bush camp
  • The closest ATM is only 3kms away
Call Tanya on 087 802 8390

Tented camp

Tariff – Low season –R 400.00 Per tent per night.
              High season –R 650.00 per tent per night.
              Low season – R 1600.00 per Group per night
              High season – R 2600.00 per Group per night

Grass prime stands
Tariffs - Low season – R 400.00 per stand per night - 6 people only
               High season- R 650.00 per stand per night - 6 people only
Bush camp

Tariff - Low season - R 300.00 per stand per night - 6 people only
            High season- R 450.00 per stand  per night - 6 people only

Call Tanya on 087 802 8390
Tala Manzi - Experience Groot Marico
Against the backdrop of a picture-perfect mountainous region, Tala Manzi is the ideal getaway spot for the outdoor enthusiast.

Annemarie 082-820-4117

Click on MORE


Annemarie 082-820-4117


Tala Manzi Game Farm is situated on the breath-taking farm Driefontein.  The farm offers visitors the opportunity to discover first hand, Groot Marico’s phenomenal diversity.

A wide variety of animals include White Rhino, Buffalo, Leopard, Crocodile, Hippos and Lion.


Besides the above mentioned animals, the farm furthermore offers over 30 other species of animals such as antelope and reptiles.


Partaking in a game drive promises an exciting experience!  Each trip takes about 2 ½ hours and is done by a qualified guide on the farm, Visitors stand a very good chance of seeing at least two or three of the big five roaming freely on the farm


Situated against the backdrop of a red cliff, the wells form natural slip&slides and always a big winner with the kids.


Groot Marico is known for its mountainous topography.  The guided self-drive 4x4 excursions offered by Tala Manzi is the prefect playground for the off-road enthusiast!


Although there is chalet accommodation, we camping enthusiasts are treated to the most fantastic bush camp at Tala Manzi.  There is water but no electricity – only the starts above at night around a cosy campfire.


Contact Annemarie on
082 820 4117 for further information and to book your spot now!


Tala Manzi - Experience Groot Marico
Another First from Loftus Caravan City
Another First from Loftus Caravan City
To Celebrate 25 years of excellence in the caravanning and camping industry, Loftus Caravan City and Campworld offers a Limited Edition Sprite Swing En-Suite.

Click on MORE!

To See more Picture of this caravan click on the picture.

LED - What is it all about?
Wandering how to choose an LED flashlight?

Herewith LED 101

Click on MORE...

LED's are all the rage...
But how do I choose the right one for me?


 For all those who have mastered
lumens, cathodes, diodes and anodes;
you can skip this page and go straight
to the Klarus website by clicking on the Klarus Logo at the bottom of the page.

The following article serves the purpose
of giving one a basic understanding of how lighting works in order to assist in making a more informed decision when purchasing a lamp.

All this talk about LED, (Light Emitting Diodes), Lumens and reflector types
can be a bit intimidating. 



To understand the basics will go a long way in making an informed decision
when investing in a good quality flashlight. 

To understanding the nuts and bolts of lighting we start with a comparison between incandescent bulbs and LED’s,
as flashlights operate on the same principles.

Incandescent bulbs are those where
light is created by the use of a filament.

When power is applied, the filament glows, generating heat, in turn,
producing light. 

Interestingly, incandescent lamps
put out 90% of energy as heat and only 10% as light!  They are not energy efficient and longevity is limited.  In fact in some European countries they are banned from the shelves.


LEDs appear to be bulbs but in fact are not. LEDs work because of the diode, a semiconductor electronic component
that contains two electrodes, also
called terminals that generate light
when electricity runs through them.

Each diode contains a semiconductor
chip and a reflective cup.
Where incandescent globes create light through heat, LEDs are the opposite.

LEDs create light though a
"cold process", when power is applied
to semiconductors, they're stimulated
by the movement of electrons; thus creating photons, the light that is visibly seen by humans. 

They therefore don’t need “heat” to generate their brightness.

This does not mean that LED lights don't get hot.  They do.  Manufacturers of good quality flashlights design them to have "fins".  If you look at the picture on the right, you will clearly see the rings towards the front of the flashlight.  All fins are there to increase the surface area and through this provide better cooling.


Incandescent bulbs project light in
every direction where LED's due to
their package design and layout,
project light in specified directions such
as 20, 50 or 120 degrees. 

They put out 30-40% light compared to the 10% of the incandescent light.   

This is the reason why they are so
light on batteries.

So where do lumens fit in? 

Lumens refer for the “amount” of
visible light emitted by a source – the measurement of brightness.
If you’re looking for the brightest
light in the bunch your search will
be very simple: find the lamp with the most lumens. 
If however the LED is not built well
it will not achieve the efficiency
expected from an LED light i.e.
it will use more power and produce
less light.


Unlike an incandescent lamp, which
has a filament that emits light in 360°,
an LED is a small semiconductor chip, which by nature only emits light in
one direction.
LED manufacturers then place a lens
on top of the LED to either narrow or widen this light. Unlike an incandescent lamp, most LED lights come with a specified beam spread. Whether you
need a 10°spot light, a 60°flood light,
or an LED replacement for your lamp
with needs to mimic an incandescent,
be sure to examine the LED light beam spread ratings before you buy


Different reflectors:  Smooth reflectors and orange peel reflectors. 

Smooth reflectors offer the best
"throw" or furthest distance the beam
is seen at, but also shows more imperfections in the beam pattern.

The orange peel reflectors disperse the beam a little more to offer better flood, but don't offer as much throw. Orange peel reflectors also tend to diffuse out
any imperfections or rings in the beam which many flashaholics dislike.

The output of light emitting diode (LED) flashlights can be measured in several different ways. Similar to how different camera lenses are appropriate for taking different style pictures, certain flashlight designs are more appropriate for certain tasks than others.

This is due to the way they are constructed, and is important to keep
in mind when comparing the output of LED flashlights. Some flashlights have
a narrow, yet bright beam.
These flashlights will have higher
"lux," which is the technical term for measuring light output spread over a specific area. Flashlights with high lux
are useful for lighting things up from a distance, but may be less useful up
close due to the narrow beam.

Other flashlights will have wider, more diffuse beam. These flashlights have
lower lux, but it is possible for them to have more "lumens," which is the technical term for sheer light output.

The "hotspot" of these flashlights may
not appear as bright as that of a light
with high lux, but it may light up the entire room better. When comparing
the output of LED flashlights, consider whether higher lux or higher lumens is most important for your task
Flashlights and other hand-held items
are a great place to use diodes because
of the LEDs' durability and the increase
in the life of the batteries.


Click on the logo below to visit the Klarus website

You can also give David a call on 071-613-6777
LED - What is it all about?
Bushwakka Bhoma Caravan
Bushwakka Bhoma Caravan
Click on MORE to view the brand new Bhoma Off-road Caravan by Bushwakka!

Introducing the brand new Bushwakka Bhoma
Off-road Caravan


Bushwakka has been in the 4x4 trailer manufacturing industry since 1997
They build SABS approved light, yet tough off-road trailers to the specification of client’s
needs, backed-up by exceptional after sales service.


During the past year, Bushwakka have been very busy with new ideas and innovative trailer
concepts which were introduced to the market, like the Wakka Wakka and the Fox Trot.

Scroll down to learn everything you need to about the new Bushwakka Bhoma Caravan. 


As a direct result of their pioneering spirit,
Bushwakka is now introducing the all new Bhoma
Off-road Caravan!


The Bhoma is a fine combination of the best features of
both the Wakka Wakka and the Fox Trot.  It presents a wide
range of accessories as well as luxury to the outdoor
enthusiast and offers either a 2 or a 4 sleeper pop-top


The construction is based on the proven rugged
galvanised ladder chassis, aluminium top frame and panel construction, keeping the weight down. 

The abundance of interior space offers occupants an
environment which is not cramped. Important notice: 
you can put your clothes on while standing up straight.


The Bhoma is similar in size as to the Fox Trot but with more height allowing access to the main interior.


It has an entrance from the rear with a non-restrictive door entry height.  The main lid lifts on hinges opening upwards towards the front.  A distinctive second pop-up lid creates a large free standing interior. Inside, like the Fox Trot, there are two rows of seating benches which form part of the beds.


Like the trailer models, the Alu Chef swing-out kitchen is situated at the rear of the caravan, with food storage cupboards. 
Side panels open up into a double bed on each side.  Extra storage space is also available inside the caravan inside bedside cupboard as well as under the seats. 


The large aluminium nose cone is divided into two sections of which the bottom section houses the fridge/freezer with additional storage space.


The top half is accessible from the inside of the Bhoma as a large storage cupboard for clothing and bedding.




There are more canvas additions available which include a full kitchen enclosure, shower tent and other custom made options.

What excites first viewers of the Bhoma is the ease with which it sets up.  It is a simple, practical and compact design for the avid camper.


Scroll down for more images of the Bhoma.
If you can't wait - then call Jasper on 082-773-7544






Click on the logo below to visit the Bushwakka Website

Call Jasper on 082-773-7544

African Backbone Trailers
A relative newcomer to the market, African Backbone Trailers are sure to make an impact as this trailer falls into the very affordable bracket.

Click on MORE....

Andre:  082 497 8467

Why spend more? African Backbone Trailer products are complete, no hidden costs!

It will give you many years of exciting camping, opening up possibility to see our neighbouring countries and exploring our beautiful country!


The company was established, with the realisation that the outdoor market needed a new way of approaching the customer. Traditionally, the outdoor and camping market limited many buyers, purely due to it not being affordable.

The guys recognised this, so they introduced their products to cater for the buyer who wanted to enter the market, but wanted to do it affordably.

They build a range of product, including off-road trailers, vehicle accessories, camping gear, and associated products.

"We are dedicated to our customers, and want you be part of the exciting outdoor lifestyle" says  Andre, partner in the business with Willem.

All products are guaranteed for your protection, and designed with the customer in mind.

They make camping simple, affordable and exciting.

"Always be assured of our dedication, and remember that life is a journey NOT a destination!"

Lets have a look at the African Backbone trailer:

For R 81 990 Including VAT You get:

Fully installed power and management system inclusive of power inlet plug and 3 x 220V 3 point outlets, deep cycle battery, 12V and 220V power management system inclusive of battery charger.

The system maintains optimal performance on the deep cycle battery, can be used with both 12V and 220V systems and incorporates a management system for all lights, water pumps and charging units. The unit is solar power ready. 

50 litre water tank installed with extended spout mounted near kitchen unit.

Roof rack fully sealed with stainless steel for maximum protection of camping accessories and lockable.


Complete TentCo trailer tent with   "add a room" comfortably sleeps 6, 2 on trailer and 4 in "add a room".

Complete storage/cupboard sliding system fitted designed for easy access. Stores all items including groceries, clothing and camping equipment


Lockable Storage draw mounted   on the inside.

Clothing cupboard designed to minimize creasing.

Easy fridge slider, can accommodate up to 80 litre fridge

60 litre Snomaster electronically controlled fridge/freezer.

Standard with 15" wheels, spare wheel and spare wheel carrier

2 gas bottle holders including 2 x 5kg Cadac gas bottles

2 jerry can holders and 2 jerry cans

Keyed-alike pressure locks on all doors including roof rack

Brad Harrison adaptor installed for charging from the vehicle while driving

Canvas spare wheel cover with utility bag attached

Strip LED lighting installed around the trailer

Stabilizing legs

Click on the image below to go straight to African Backbone's website.

African Backbone Trailers
Loftus Caravan City
Loftus Caravan City

Loftus Caravan City and Campworld specials!

Click on MORE....

Great Specials from Loftus Caravan City

                   Caravan Spare        Wheel Bracket:


Toilet on-the-go!
Perfect for long car journeys



Hot Drinks on the Go

R25 each

Tyre Pressure Monitor
Put Safety First
Reduces fuel consumption
Increases tyre lifetime
Easy to install

  All in One head lamp
    and torch set

 including mini tri-pod.


Funky enamel kettles

From R79

Very Handy! 
Splash-proof housing for a single socket connection:


Click on MORE for the latest on the brand new Jurgens off-road trailer.

We took a look at it at Loftus Caravan City in Randburg...

The long-awaited XT 160 is HERE!

For more information call Loftus Caravan City on 011-792-1456

Fully kitted for only R139 550
The brand new XT 160 has just arrived!  This model is an upgrade to the XT 140,  comes fully equipped and at an unbelievable price.

For the first time the kitchen unit of the Jurgens trailer opens up from the side. 

It provides easy access to all kitchen utensil, crockery and glasses. 

The 80 liter National Luna Fridge/Freezer combination slides out on a drawer system from the side, as well as the gas stove.


The rooftop tent with a drop-down side is a standard feature of the trailer that easily sleeps 4 people between the two. 

The trailer comes standard with a geyser so there is hot and cold running water on demand for showering as well as for washing up dishes. 

Where the one side of the trailer opens up the kitchen area, the other side opens up a huge compartment. It also offers a large working area.


One of the aspects that really impresses is the amount of packing space.

Other standard features include:
  • Geyser
  • Ammo-boxes
  • Spare wheel
  • Rooftop Tent
  • 80 Liter water tank
  • Jerry Cans
  • Sliding drawers
A pop-up shower unit can be purchased and placed conveniently next to the shower-hose.
Call Loftus Caravan City on
Bushwakka is a company Over-lander travelers would like to deal with.

Click on MORE ..


    Bushwakka has been in the 4x4 trailer
   manufacturing industry since 1997.

They build SABS approve light, yet tough off-road trailers to the
specifications and requirements of client's needs. 
Everything they do is backed-up by exceptional after sales service.

Bushwakka is a true African heritage trailer built in South Africa for
African conditions.


Besides the trailer manufacturing, Bushwakka also specialises in 4x4 fitment and expedition equipment.

Their dedicated team has many year's experience in the fitment of 4x4 vehicle accessories.


Management has over 15 year's experience in Trans Africa expeditions, with plentiful safaris through Southern Africa and therefore can treat travelers to the best advice in all aspects of off-road


Bushwakka specialises in equipping vehicles for African expeditions and holds stock of all the vitalequipment required when embarking on an off-road journey.
               For more information click on the logo below


                 Call Bushwakka on 023-342-3438 or Jasper on 082-773-7544
Outdoor Trailer Mecca
A great shop concept! Take a tour with me through the new Outdoor Trailer Mecca based Chameleon Village near Harties

Outdoor & Trailer Mecca opened about a year ago.  What  a great concept and range of products!

087-805-8293  Call them

Take a tour with us.. 



Outdoor & Trailer Mecca holds an incredible range of camping equipment, from trailer spare parts to tent pegs.

On the trailer side they  sell Afrispoor products as well as their very own Bushy Trailer.

The Bushy is definitely one of the most affordable trailers on the market to date!

For more on the Bushy, see the article on the bushy on our homepage.


The entire showroom is covered by a huge marquis tent, so no matter the weather conditions of the day, your shopping can be done in total comfort.
Outdoor & Trailer Mecca also holds stock of a wide variety of tents and gazebos.

A great feature is that all tents and gazebo's are displayed on the showroom floor, so one can see exactly how big the tents are.
The outdoor shop is something to behold.  If you can't find it in the shop, the friendly guys from Outdoor & Trailer Mecca will source it for you.

Outdoor & Trailer Mecca is open 7 days a week between 09h00 and 17h00!
Contact Outdoor & Trailer Mecca on 087-805-8293

Outdoor Trailer Mecca

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